Creating a multi-use facility for cycling based activities


Odd Down Cycle Circuit

Odd Down Cycle Circuit

Why we are looking

With a mushrooming in the numbers of people cycling, this is inevitably leading to increasing numbers wishing to train and race in a safe traffic free environment.  There are very few dedicated traffic free closed road circuits in Britain. Those that exist are full to overflowing. It is really difficult to get track time for training, coaching and racing.  The only site to the west of London is at Hillingdon.  It is not only a stretch to get to (traffic as much as distance), but like other closed road circuits, it is already operating at capacity.  The absence of a safe traffic free circuit locally is undoubtedly suppressing the number of people who would otherwise participate in this healthy, environment friendly sport.

What we are looking for

We wish to identify every single potentially suitable site in public and private ownership in the areas listed below that could be suitable for a new circuit.
Not every site identified will be deliverable, but let us explore the possibilities together.
The sites can be part of existing recreation or open space, or on a fresh site. We will send you plans of two recently opened circuits at Odd Down in Bath and Torbay Circuit at Paignton.  Get in touch via out Contact Page if you can help.

  • The circuit and facilities will have a low environmental impact.
  • Site required 8 – 15 hectares
  • U shaped road circuit (or shape to fit site) mostly 7m wide circuit x 1.5 – 2.5 km length
  • We will maximise the use of space within the surfaced road circuit for BMX/Cross/Mountain Bike by smart design.
  • We could share basic existing pavilion facilities with other sports or alternatively construct a simple new single storey “pavilion”.